Art about Place

Mara Adamitz Scrupe is an interdisciplinary artist whose art work and writing investigates the strong ties that bind people to one another through profound knowledge and love of “place”.

Her installations, artist books and documentaries explore positive ways people can impact and ultimately protect imperiled lands, environments and communities.

Her poems, essays, books, installations and videos explore qualities of empathy, acceptance, trust, mutual dependency and hope as the basis for building and keeping community.

Scrupe’s creative work acknowledges that crucial ties between people and places are the wellspring of efforts to protect vulnerable lands and communities throughout the world.

Giant resin vegetables glow via solar power for the Europos Parkas Open Air Museum, addressing food production in Lithuania’s countryside. Lithuanians grow much of their food in small family plots, but the potential for air, soil and water pollution caused by accidents from outdated Soviet-era nuclear plants, like the notorious disaster at Chernobyl, still threatens local food sources.

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