Archaeo-entropy: Intercession For A Deactivated Airbase

CLUI 018

Archaeoentropy: Intercession for a Deactivated Air Base, a project sponsored by the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) and created during a residency fellowship, is a photo-documentary of weathered and crumbling, dilapidated structures at the decommissioned Wendover Air Base in Utah. The images depict details of the effects of nature on the manmade: weathered, cracked and aging surfaces are juxtaposed with detailed macro images of fragile native plants of the nearby Great Salt Lake Desert. Combinations of these images are arranged and presented as a slide show transferred to video. The project was selected by curator Jeremy Millar for inclusion in the Claremorris Open Exhibition (COE) in Northern Ireland (2006) and was later installed in the former servicemen’s Barracks at Wendover Air Base in 2008.