Fota Lichens Project

An environmental survey project supported jointly in 2004/05 by the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Sirius Arts Centre, and the Fota Arboretum in Cork, Ireland, the Fota Lichens Project was exhibited at historic Fota Arboretum during the 2006 e v+a Open and Invitational Biennial in Limerick, Ireland.

The project represents a survey of lichens found in the celebrated gardens on the once-private Anglo-Irish estate at Fota Island; lichens are recognized by scientists as very reliable bio-indicators since they take their nourishment from the air and water, rather than from the host plant or structure.

The research undertaken at Fota presented an opportunity to gauge the effects of development on environmental conditions in the surrounding region based on the existence and health of various lichens species found at Fota.

The resulting project offered visitors to the arboretum an opportunity to view enlarged and illuminated lichen images alongside living specimens and accompanied by information about the conditions of the surrounding natural ecology.